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OXEECO Technologies Private Limited was established in the year 1970 under the name and style of “Industrial Graphites” by the Late Sri G.S. Chowdhury, founder Director of Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar. The Company was established in Hyderabad by setting up facilities for the beneficiation of Graphite using column floatation technology for the first time in the country. The Company was able to beneficiate low grade Graphite ore to purities upto 99.9% Carbon.

The Company thereafter took up manufacture of COLLOIDAL GRAPHITE, GRAPHITE SPECIAL COATINGS, GRAPHITE LUBRICANTS, MAINTENANCE LUBRICANTS/GREASES etc. using technology developed in-house.

OXEECO is the undisputed leader in all the above products in the country and have been able to gradually eliminate imports of these products in the country.

The Company sources its Graphite Ore from various mines and beneficiation units located in Tamil Nadu, Orissa and China.

The Company is now poised for rapid growth in view of its good technological base and extensive for its product-range. The Company plans to also increase exports which have commenced

R & D

The Company has a strong R & D Laboratory manned by experienced and highly qualified staff. Over the past two decades, the Company has developed the technology for all its products in-house. All the present products of the Company are being manufactured for the first time in India and are import substitutes. In order to succeed in this effort, the Company had to invest considerable resources to make its products world class to compete against international companies. The Company is now the market leader in India for its products and is gradually eliminating imports. The Company’s products have received widespread acceptance from various prestigious public and private sector companies.

A. Graphite Powder:

The Company has over a period of time withdrawn from froth floatation of graphite ore as these operations are being carried out at the various mine-heals in the country. The Company purchases Graphite in the range of 90% C to 94% C and thereafter beneficiates the same upto 99.99% Carbon depending on the customers’ specifications. The Company has developed special equipment for ultra-fine grinding for Graphite powders and manufactures the same having particle size less than 3 microns.

B. Colloidal Graphite:

Over the past 15 years, the Company has developed over 60 grades of Colloidal Graphite to be used in water, oil and solvent media. The Company has a full-fledged Laboratory for carrying out R & D activities.

C. Graphite Greases:

The Company has developed the process technology for manufacture of speciality Greases incorporating the Graphite, Molybdenum-di-sulphide and other additives. The Company has a full-fledged Laboratory for both R&D and Quality Control operations.


At OXEECO Technologies Private Limited (formerly Industrial Graphites) the quest for improvement is a continuous and never ending process. This has resulted in our building-up a range of products and services recognised for their high performance and consistent quality. OXEECO Technologies Private Limited (formerly Industrial Graphites) enjoys the highest vendor-rating from all its diverse internationally reputed customers, many of whom are buying from us for over 25 years! Our products are approved by a large number of authorities and we are a certified ISO-9001 organisation. Our beliefs, aspirations and practices have evolved into the following:


 To satisfy customers by delivering cost effective products of consistent quality.

 To continuously improve performance in all areas by ensuring participation by all.

 To achieve, maintain and exceed global standards for our products and services.