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High Purity Graphite

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The Company manufactures and markets Graphite Powders and Flakes in the purity range from + 96% Carbon to 99.99% Carbon and having particle size less than 3 microns. The Company’s products are used by the various reputed manufacturers in the field of


Batteries, Welding electrodes, Sintered metal components,, Lubricants, Clutch and brake linings, Refractories, Gaskets and Seals, Catalysts,Ammunition, Conductive coatings, etc.

The Company manufactures over 45 different grades of powders to suit individual specification of the end-users.

Colloidal Graphite

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The Company manufactures over 60 grades of Colloidal Graphite Lubricants in water, oil and solvents.

The applications include metal processing, forging, die-casting, deep drawing, extrusion, wire drawing, glass mould etc


Forging, Die Casting, Glass Mould, Upsetting, Wire Drawing, Cont. Sheet Casting, Dry Film Lubricants, Speciality Coatings, Colloidal Suspensions

Greases & Speciality Greases

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The Company manufactures over 30 different grades of Graphitic and special Greases and it is presently the largest manufacturer of these products in India. Applications include Automotive Industry, Railways and Defence.


Automotive & Rail/Road Greases, Industrial & High Temp. Greases, Chain Lubricants, Wire Rope Lubricants, Gear Oils

Anti Seize Compounds

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Metal to metal seizure is a very common problem in industry. It is also a very serious one. If and when it happens, it could cost you a lot of money. Even Lakhs. Now SeezGuard and other anti-seize compounds are going to save you all this money. It’s going to save you a lot of bother. It’s also going to save you time, energy and material.

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Grease Graphite '0'

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Lubricote-X 43 is an Anti-corrosive, Anti-seize Graphite based Aluminium Grease specially designed for meeting the hostile environments encountered in rail tracks around the world. Lubricote-X 43 meets the stringent specifications of the Indian Railways specification no.IS:408/1981. This speciality Grease is used for Track applications especially for Elastic Rail Clips (ERC).

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